Passpo Next Flight FULL PV

Here is the full PV for Passpo Next Flight Single…Check it out ! Thanks to Eyeless for reuploading this from Youkou to Youtube 😀

Passpo “Next Flight” PV preview

Passpo just released a pv preview of their next single “Next Flight”…check it out…it’s damn awesome!! 😀

Passpo Old Flight Footage in 2011

Found this from tumbler….an old Passpo Flight in 2011….seeing the setlist, i think this is just before the Vivi Natsu Single release….Check it out ! 😀

Credits to whoever uploaded this video!!! Thanks alot ^^

★Part 1 Opening

Let It Go!! not available due to technical difficulties.

★Part 2 LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~

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Passpo Fan Forum Launched

We just launched our Fan Forum today….so what are you waiting for….come register and start posting ~ 😀 We need your support !! xD 😀


Passpo – “High Tension” Movie Stream.

For the past three weeks, Passpo’s recent movie “High Tension” has been aired on tv… Here are the video links on youtube for all the episodes…check them out before its gone! 😀

Special thanks to “Passpo” from JP-H!P for the tip 😛

ハイテンション☆プリーズ 120404 1/2

ハイテンション☆プリーズ 120404 2/2


ハイテンション☆プリーズ 120411 1/2

ハイテンション☆プリーズ 120411 2/2


ハイテンション☆プリーズ 120418 1/2

ハイテンション☆プリーズ 120418 2/2

Passpo – Hello ~ Live (2011.30.12 Zepp Tokyo)

Another performance their Zepp Tokyo tour (Kaho’s graduation concert), this time it’s “Hello”. Check it out 😀

Passpo – La La La Love Train Live (2011.30.12 Zepp Tokyo)

Here is a Live performance of La La La Love Train from their Zepp Tokyo tour (Kaho’s graduation concert), check it out 😀

“First Wing” Photobook Preview

Here is a video preview of Passpo – First Wing Photobook preview. Recorded this few days ago but forgot to upload it until now ^^ Check it out 😀

My Fan Experience In Japan

There’s a reason why i did not bother updating my site in the last 6 months, because i didnt have any “original” material to update my website with. I can always post Passpo related news, but those probably can be found anywhere else.

Sooooo, after 6 month hiatus…I finally got some materials to update my site (other than RANDOM YOUTUBE VID POST) 😀 I guess i have finally found the main purpose of this website now lol.

So, what are you waiting for, check it out ! 😛
Fan Experience Page ~

Passpo – “Attention Please” Visual side Photobook

Purchased the “Attention Please” Visual Side Photobook during my Japan Trip…there is 2 version of this if i re-call, this one is the one with more Bikini pictures, which is why i bought this lol. I took a video preview of the contents, check it out ! 😀

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